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ICTWORX is a specialist ICT training & skills provider to corporations & government agencies, that empower their people with the enterprise technology skills required for a 21st century workplace.
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This program is for candidates who require end user computing skills in all sectors of the economy. Ideal Candidates are existing or potential personal assistants, data
capturers, office assistants, anyone that requires basic computer literacy to fulfil their work functions or advance their job prospects.

This course will provide the fundamental computing skills for a 21st century workplace . (Partial fulfillment for the National Certificate in Information technology: End Computing)

49 Credits

Module 1: Using Microsoft Office Word (13 credits)

Duration: 3 Days

Microsoft® Office Word®–Level 1 [117924]
Microsoft® Office Word®–Level 2 [119078, 116942]

Module 2: Using Microsoft Office PowerPoint (10 Credits)

Duration: 2 Days

Microsoft® Office PowerPoint®–Level 1, Learner Guide
[117923, 116930]

Module 3: Using Microsoft Office Excel (13 Credits)

Duration: 3 Days

Microsoft® Office Excel®–Level 1 [116937, 116940]
Microsoft® Office Excel®–Level 2 [116943]

Module 4: Using Microsoft Office Outlook (4 Credits)

Duration: 1 Days

Microsoft® Office Outlook®–Level 1 [116935, 116945]

Module 5: Using Microsoft Office Access (9 Credits)

Duration: 1 Day

Microsoft Office Access Level 1 [116936, 117927]


Please contact us for pricing. All programmes are customizable

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